Arjan Kaan is the founder of Hooks Creative. To begin, the fashion and retail industry must improve their sustainability policies.


Arjan Kaan, founder of Hooks Creative


Many years’ experience in sales and marketing in the fashion industry.

Founded Hooks Creative 15 years ago. Passionate about sustainability!


“We herald a whole new era with the introduction of the compostable clothes hanger. Finally, we can help make the fashion industry constructively sustainable”


Hooks Creative, a dutch company based in the Netherlands


Hooks Creative, creates sustainable premium hangers (FSC wooden and sustainable materials), bags and presentation point-of-sale customized collections that complete a brand’s retail experience.

Their expertise is based on finding the most sustainable solution for their customers.

90 % of their customer base is in the Netherlands (Calvin Klein, Denham…).


bio hanger hooks creative

“Let’s make a change together”


Bio hanger : sustainable and biodegradable cloth hanger


    • Recently launched after 2 years research.
    • At the moment made 100 % in Holland.
    • The main aims are to reduce CO2 emission, creating value from waste, giving waste a second life.


3 goals to develop this biodegradable hanger


    • BIODEGRADABLE : find materials that are 100 % bio based (there is no oil nor iron as normally used). Renewable sources such as grass, and reusable ones such as potato starch, corn, beetroot, coffee grounds. If it eventually ends up in the environment or on a landfill, it will compost completely.
    • LOCAL PRODUCTION : reduce CO2 emission by sea or air freight transport. They have partnered with local factories in different countries to produce the bio hangers, depending where the customer is located.
    • FLEXIBILITY : can be produced in the desired shape, quantity.




    • Finding waste and reusable materials.
    • Price of the hanger that would come out a little bit more expensive.




    • Develop the customer base to sell more bio hangers.
    • Develop a biodegradable display / presentation line for stores.
Anne-Catherine Bogé

Anne-Catherine Bogé

Chargée de projet Fashion Green Hub


Expérience internationale dans le retail et ecommerce, dans les achats et gestion de projets – mode femme, maroquinerie, accessoires et packaging textile.
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